Institute for Common Good Technology

The Institute for Common Good Technology is a non-profit association, based in Austria and acting internationally. The main focus is secure & safe and sustainable use of any kind of technology.

This website is currently under construction, please forgive the brevity.

Areas of interest include data security & data protection, IT security, forensics, sustainable energy production and consumption.

All members act on a voluntary basis.


Contributing (to) Free Open Source Software (OSS)

We believe that sharing is caring. Thus, we support Free and Open Source Software, that is software that is free (“free” as in “freedom”, not only “free” as in “free beer”) and with an open source code for anyone to validate the source code, analyze and improve it.

As far as possible we bring any improvements in others’ FOSS project upstream to them, raising the value for everyone.

We maintain about 100 packages in openSUSE.

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Research and Education Project on Sustainability and Open Source in Audio and Video Technology

This project aims to promote sustainability and open source in audio and video technology use. It focuses on reusing old and used hardware and utilizing free open source software (FOSS) and open source hardware (OSH) to save resources and share knowledge. The project’s goals include education, research, and development in audio and video technology. Workshops and training sessions will improve skills and gather practical experiences. The project will collect and test various old hardware, and use open source software and hardware to develop applications and projects. The project also aims to identify areas where older components or FOSS/OSH are not yet suitable. By promoting open source technology, the project contributes to sustainable and resource-efficient use of electronics.


If you are interested in a cooperation, please get in contact with the association.

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Institute for Common Good Technology - Kulturverein zur Forschung, Bildung und Völkerverständigung für nachhaltige und sichere Techniknutzung

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